Up and going

Well I finally got my HAM Technician license after over 20 years of being introduced to the idea. They make is pretty easy now, no morse code needed to pass the exam. They publish the entire list of questions and right answers, so it is really just memorization to initially get started. However, to really know what you are doing, you have to be able to understand over time and to move up with the license level.

It is more of a hobby, but has impact on our community if you are able to serve being an operator during a situation where the communications are down. It can be costly, depending on what you go with, but the idea is to ease into it. You can start with a simple Baofeng hand held radio, UV-5RV2+ is what I have, and most likely some sort of external antenna to get a better reach of signal. I got an Ed Fong DBJ-1 and DBJ-2, so in all for this setup about$110 including some 50′ coax for the antenna (Ed sells for $25).

So I plan to try to log things I learn about HAM and any other stuff I might want to keep in a place that is easier for me to find that may relate to my computer consulting I do as a programmer.

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